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January 28, 2005


John T. Kennedy

Or maybe you're a garden variety collectivist, like those lawmakers.


A libertarian that wants a tax? Something ain't right here.


If you support taxing things that you think are bad I suggest changing your title to Liberal Girl.

Libertarian Girl

Society needs taxes, so it's better to tax unproductive behavior. I'm a libertarian, not an anarchist.


Libertarians don't say things like "society needs taxes" in order to justify social engineering.


I disagree, but LG view is a reasonable one: this is similar to "classical liberalism" (ex: The Economist), where you operate by the general mechanics of free and open markets, but also use properly placed taxes & fines to balance out market inefficiencies and externalities, like a tax on pollution (because you're basically costing all of us some value, so now you have to reimburse us that lost value). This worldview is market-centric and pretty reasonably in bounds of "libertarianism".

But as I said, I still disagree about this being good policy; I just don't feel the externalities are clear enough, and therefore this just penalizes poor personal choices.. As much as I abhor the negative outcomes for women as a result of our sexual culture, I don't feel comfortable with what is essentially a "morality" tax.

Joe Pulcinella

In the grand scheme of things, taxes are the path to self-destruction. History show this. Check out Charles Adams' excellent lectures on the subject: http://www.mises.org/Media/?action=showname&ID=72


I ran an informal poll on two alternatives:

1) Taxing breast enlargement surgery.
2) Taxing women who don't have breast enlargement surgery.

Number 2 was vastly more popular with only 2 Dissents,
My Sister in Law and some woman at AM/PM.


I just wonder if there is going to be a division of the IRS that investigates vanity tax exemption claims. Will Hollywood stars with boob implants have to be checked that they properly claimed their exemptions as legitimate business expenses to be hired?

Here's a Hint

Taxes are immoral. Taxes are wealth redistribution at the point of a gun. While the government provides many services that I would gladly pay for, removing my ability to choose which ones is not a free society. Taxing luxuries is just downright evil.

Lack of taxes does not equal anarchy (see your first grade Libertarian reader). This country operated for quite some time without federal income tax. It can do it again.

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