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January 30, 2005



There are basically 3 ways to produce Meth. the P2P method. Difficult because the chemicals are restricted. Ephdrine reduction. Time consuming. Psuedephdrine extraction (Nazi Method). Easy and Fast produces high quality meth.
Psuedophedrine extraction is what is being targeted.




Forgot to say the Nazi method is the prefered method of the "superlabs".


a couple of years ago i tried to buy 2 boxes of thera-flu at safeway and the cashier would only let me buy one box. she explained that people use it to make meth and that i could only buy one box. i told her that i make my meth out of other products anyway. she thought that was pretty funny.

if 80% of it comes from "superlabs" then the other 20% has to come from somewhere else, right?

but, yeah, it's still pretty useless. but it's not like doing nothing is a choice.

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