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January 31, 2005



Of course. LE always keeps a few details secret to figure out who actually knows something and who is just trying to get attention. Knowing the family was beheaded, and how, would lend credibility to saying you know who did it.


Haha! Your work for the government! I work for the government too!

I hate myself.

Libertarian Girl

It's only temporary. I think I'm going to go to law school.

Scott Scheule

Fine idea. Come to Georgetown, I'm tired of being the only libertarian here.


A libertarian lawyer. Either poetic justice or a contradiction in terms that Mother Nature won't allow.

Scott Scheule

Don't know about that. Richard Epstein, Richard Posner, and pretty much all the classical liberals of the 19th century--Libertarians all.


If they would let my type in, I would go to law school.

Even though the law is basically the equivalent of a gun to your head, and nothing more noble than that.


Hey, by the way, Lib Girl, you should blogroll me.

I link to your posts all the time, though I don't have a blogroll, because I am too retarded to figure out how to do it.

John T. Kennedy

Yes, a coverup is possible but I think the most likely explanation is that the jihadists are making it up. They get mileage out of the story even if it's not true.

Libertarian Girl

But dadahead, all you do on your blog is write about how stupid I am!

But if you say one thing nice about me and put me on your blogroll, then I'll return the favor :)

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