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February 16, 2005



I think people came to your blog because of your insane remark that taxing breasts is 'libertarian', not because of the fact that you were a girl. This remark of yours was posted on several prominent libertarian blogs (LewRockwell, No-Treason), which draw lots of traffic. At least this is how/why I found your blog.

Redneck Feminist

LLG, you should know that anecdotal evidence doesn't cut it. I could give you even more anecdotal evidence that says the opposite. One example would be that my professors don't take women, especially blondes, seriously. Another example is that I'm a metal/rock drummer, and am constantly told that metal is a man's world. I have been asked to leave the band-only area because the owner of the bar thought I was a groupie. And other women hate me when I get on stage because they really are just groupies and can't play a damn instrument. A third example I've already used on your blog-- I get catcalled and grabbed at by ugly fatties with back hair. It isn't fun.

Think about what you're saying. The assumptions you make are that the supervisor and hiring manager are male, and the subordinate is female. Who has the power? Let's say the tables turned, and women took over the superior jobs. Do you still think attractive women would have it easy (as you say)?

I did a report about this in high school. Studies found that attractive women were indeed more likely to get hired for first-level jobs. But once attractive women climb the ladder, their attractiveness starts to work against them. That is because cute doesn't cut it at the top. It is assumed that the hot woman is also brain dead. So while being cute can help get your foot in the door, it can also keep you stagnant in your career.

I'm not saying men have it easy. Studies show that only men who are tall, dark-haired, and well-groomed have the best shot at making it to the top. I am more inclined to believe these studies over your anecdote. Enlightened Cavemen wrote about this as well.

As a side note, I was honestly embarrassed for my gender when you wrote about the breast implant tax. I thought, gosh there's another blonde who knows nothing about economics making the rest of us blondes look bad. I apologize for my sexist thinking. I should have at least been suspiscious that LG was a male. But the fact that I thought you were a stereotypical blonde made me NOT suspiscious. Does that make sense? My apologies to the Russian woman.


I came here by way of Ilyka, whom I think you have done a stunning job of grossly misrepresenting. You think women have it easier in life? Really? Is that what sitting behind a PC and typing up blog posts has taught you? Is that what you have learnt through comments and trackbacks, is that the sole basis of what leads you to think that attractive women have it easier?

Well. Give the man a Ph.D. in Women's Studies, he's cracked the code.

Seriously, man-life is way more than just a blog post. You may think we have it easy, but you'd be so wrong that it makes me tired just thinking about how to start correcting you.

Tom Hanna

Redneck Feminist: A Free Market Feminist. Her blondeness sitting behind the drums talking about owning guns and playing metal. Hmmmmm....do you have a student?

Redneck Feminist

Tom, I think I'm having a "blonde moment" because I don't understand your question.


Attractive people of either gender have it easier.

The way people treated me really changed after I lost weight, grew out my hair, and began wearing nicer clothes and makeup.


Jacqueline - AMEN!

Males and females can both coast on good looks.
It also makes a difference if you know you're good looking (and use it to your advantage.) I wonder if the response might have been different if there was no picture on your fake blog?

LLG - you are absolutely right: there is a double standard (men/women, attractive/unattractive). But it cuts both ways. I spent most of my formative years wishing I were a boy (I come from a very traditional culture), but in time, I realized that men and women both have privileges and burdens, they are just different. I also spent most of my young life wishing I were "hot" and had big breasts. That has its downsides, too (people who can't see beyond your looks, and also having chronic back pain.)

If you meant your "attractive women successful not because of merit" comment to be inflammatory, it was certainly a good way to drive more traffic and interest to your blog. If you truly believe it, I would ask that you not generalize so quickly or broadly. Men and women both have flaws and hypocrisies... and virtues.

Josh Narins

The actual studies show that Redneck Girl is right.

Attractive women do well getting jobs, but are not treated seriously, and don't rise to the highest positions.

In fact, even in men there is some degree of truth to this.

Blonde men, and light-colored eyed men, do not statistically appear in Corporate Boards as one might expect.



Josh, that could well be explained by the number of those who come to depend on their looks to get by.


Girls love to play the role of The Victim just as guys love to play the role of Sir Knight-in-Shining-Armour. Better examples of co-dependency are rare.

Feminism is just a stale re-run of The Damsel in Distress.

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