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February 17, 2005



Steve: "I have a hard time with the idea that 'women are >Victims!, full stop.'"

Kate: "I never said we were."

I never said you did.

Kate: "We're not all bad, we're not all good. Same for men."

Please tell us something we don't know

Kate: Lib Man-o-Myst's posts often strike me as being one-sided.

And your next argument will be that when you make a potentially embarrassing observation about whites you should hedge it with a similar observation about blacks.

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I was completely taken by surprise when, on two occasions, certain libertarian authors offered to send me free copies of their books.

I hope you aren't counting me as one of those two authors. I offered to send you a copy of “Hologram of Liberty” over on why.i.hate.dc because of your “clueless libertarian” posts, the claim that you worked for big government, and the claim that you weren't a hypocrite. To receive the book, you would have had to publicly reveal what federal department that you worked for, and then email me your -work- address. I was pretty sure you wouldn't bite.

And, yea, I knew you were reading the thread, and no, I am not the author of the book.

You are no longer pretending to be a Girl, are you still pretending to be a Libertarian?

It's up for debate whether or not I'd offer to buy a book for “Hypocritical Libertarian Guy”

Libertarian Man of Mystery

No xxy, your "offer" was not included, I was only writing about legitimate offers.

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No xxy, your "offer" was not included, I was only writing about legitimate offers

Why the quotes? I can assure you that if you had followed through (and really had that government job, of course) I would have upheld my end of the deal.


Why is Steve quoting me but calling me "Kate"?


Jeremy Steiner - with regards to the paragraph which you indicated "Your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired ", I was aware when I posted it that the conclusion didn't follow the reasoning. The point of writing it was to show how one experience, two experiences, or even five are not enough support to draw such a broad conclusion.

An example of a girl who let a cute guy copy her homework because he was cute would be me. Somehow, I didn't think providing a real life example would make you judge my point to be any more valid.

Steve - if I made a potentially embarrassing/controversial observation about one group, I would certainly hedge it with a similar observation about another group. I'd like people to think about my reasoning behind the first observation, rather than raising ire because people will infer that I prefer group B over group A (I want the intellectual reaction, not the emotional one).

Lib M of M is certainly good at baiting us "feminist types".


One last thing.

Example of a dude that isn't particularly gorgeous (sorry Craig), but has a wicked following: myboot.com. When I first found the site, I would have sent him something, but I was a broke student. (I loved the website because it was SO FUNNY and the writing was really good.)

If you need a female example, quite a few men and women I meet end up liking me (sometimes giving me free stuff) for my jokes and conversation. I'm pretty sure it's not the looks because there are many more-attractive or more-hot-babe women in Toronto than me. (Maybe they get more free stuff than me, but looks aren't the only way to "market yourself".)


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