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February 13, 2005


charley hardman

beautiful. nicely done, sir. i'm just sorry that it sounds like you actually believed half the crap you wrote.

so you're looking for a book deal now, i suppose?


LG said, "By the way, does anyone know if there really are gorgeous young women in Russia willing to marry much older and uglier men from the United States? Or is it just a scam?"

Yes there are, but after a short time they divorce you and demand half of everything you own.

Scott Scheule

Fuck it, man, you've got a good deal going. I recommend you throw up that girly picture again, and just continue with the charade.

guy in the UNLV jacket

You are still stupid!!!! Be you he or a she. Your blog was more for entertainment value like reading the Onion or something


Very nicely done. (Tips hat)...
Just one thing though. There is a faint probability that some us just enjoyed disagreeing with a libertarian... I ll miss the argument, not the picture. Blondes could be found closer to home if that were the motivation.

Remember Tertullian? Something is not true just because its said harshly.

Be Happy


Oh, definitely do not quit. Make it like an open secret but you still will get people who don't know better.

Sean Lynch

Friend of mine met a nice girl while he was in Russia... brought her home, married her. Few months later, she accused him of abuse and filed for divorce. Apparently the US has a law that "protects" foreign women from abuse by allowing them to become citizens without being married for the full required time (a year? two years) if they suffer from "abuse."

My feelings about this law are pretty neutral. On the one hand, it encourages exactly this sort of scam, while on the other hand, caveat emptor. On the gripping hand, the foreigner certainly is in a weaker position once they come into the country.

Anyway, forget about hot Russian chicks. Come to Silicon Valley. White geeks like you are in high demand here among the hot chicks who moved here looking for a sugar daddy.


That shit IS GREAT hahahahaha


Is there a link to the post where your gig was revealed? It's not clear in your post.


at least I’m not so stupid as to think that a gorgeous young girl would be the author of a popular libertarian blog. She’d be too busy having fun. The kind of fun found in this post, except it would be happening every night instead of just being a one time event. You guys are so gullible!

You know, the reason I didn't have a hard time believing it was because I actually didn't think the girl in the picture was all that hot.

It looked like one of those pictures where when an average-looking girl gets caught with the right lighting from the right angle looks kinda sorta pseudo-hot. Also she looked like she might be a bit plump.

So I figured that LG wasn't all that hot. I was actually surprised to see the other pictures of the girl, in which she looks much hotter. Maybe LG should have used those, but those were pretty obviously like "sexy" shots.

Also, I think everybody is actually used to blonde, airhead, pseudo-hot women being right-wingers. Think Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Heather Macdonald, etc.

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