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February 13, 2005



look in the blogroll man!


And I'm not too sure yer really a unemployed dude in his thirties living in his parents' basement, either!

That is the stereotypical blogger!


Although that would explain how you found the picture.


What's funny (in a sad way) is that I found "Libertarian Girl" by searching for libertarians on google and this happened to be one of the blogs I stumbled across. I never said anything I wouldn't have said anywhere else and I didn't post here because Lib Girl was cute. If those were your own beliefs and you had posted them openly and honestly you would have gotten links and comments from me. The links exist and I won't remove them, but you will come off my blogroll and I suspect I will be posting on this soon.

By the way, I'm neither ugly nor unpopular and I am quite successful in my line of business. I may not have an "A list blog" but I do have one that gets a reasonable number of hits, has a reasonable readership and gets a message out that I think is important.

Yes, you made a point, but it's a sad point.

Austroblogger, jump on over to my blog and we can keep the argument and debate going over there. Up to you naturally. Eric's Random Musings


I'm so sad! I was so excited to find another libertarian chick in the blogosphere, I thought if/when I came to DC next we could go out together for drinks or something. :(

David Foster

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.


Haha, great job!! What a great scheme!! Why not just put the old pic up and keep it going, just a fictional blog? Then, u could write a book, "the adventures of libertarian girl" and get rich.


"Libertarians tend to be ugly because it’s an anti-majority philosophy."

I'm a libertarian and I am not ugly. My parents say I am handsome.

"People who are attractive have an easy time going through life and derive far too many advantages from the status quo to ever question it."

A generalization, There are plenty of mentally ill, or worse, intelligent people that also happen to attractive. Just because everyone wants to sleep with you doesn't mean the shit of this world suddenly smells like rose water.

Now I have to find another libertarian site to link to and if your beliefs about young women being too busy having fun to be libertarians, it will probably be some overweight balding Doctor of Thinkology with no sense of humor. Wonderful.

Michael Duff

I'd like to hear more about the differences in your audience pre-girl vs. post-girl I'd love to see a traffic chart, if you've got the data...

Micha Ghertner

Well done, sir. Sorry to ruin the party. I enjoyed the breast implant debate.

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