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February 13, 2005



Love it! Well done.



Scott Scheule

Hats off.

Luboš Motl

My article about this story is here


xx y

I had my suspicions, right off the bat, that you were a troll, (and I even email you, calling your bluff) but I let Andrew F (over on why.i.hate.dc) talk me out of my suspicions. After so many other people fell for you "hook line and sinker", so did I, although I was still somewhat suspicions (you DO know that Alan Greenspan was tight with Ayn Rand, right?)

Gotta listen to my gut.

I must say, I really enjoyed your “clueless Libertarian” posts, and I hit your page regularly.

Well done.


You do have a lot of time on your hands man!

Tom Hanna

The girl thing was only half of it. The bizarre statist stuff you posted would have drawn similar response if you'd called yourself Libertarian Boy and any blog post with 'breast' in the title always draws traffic.

And I went and linked this blog just in time for the unmasking...


OK now that I have recovered from the initial emotional shock (and seized the opportunity to promote my own blog) I have more to say.

I am one of the people who would not have read LG's blog if I knew it was written by a man. I don't have the time to read non-local political blogs, especially those with such ideological inconsistency and lower-quality political analysis. But as a straight woman I was not reading this blog for the reasons LG assumes.

I was so happy and excited to find another young libertarian woman in the blogosphere. There are so few young women in the movement -- when I go to the local Libertarian Party meetings, it's 90% men, and the other women there are all middle aged moms and lesbians. I don't really have anything in common with them outside of politics. I'm very lonely and wish so much to find more women like me to be friends with. Someone to chat politics and swap makeup and gossip about guys with.

Here I found what I thought was a potential gal pal to hang out with if/when I eventually move to the DC area. I also wanted to encourage "her" to keep blogging, and hopefully help nudge "her" in a more libertarian direction, even though sometimes "she" drove me absofreakinlutely nuts with some of the statist crap "she" posted while calling "herself" a Libertarian. I even went and commented on other blogs to defend "her" against criticism.

So while it was a clever hoax and I appreciate the wit behind it and in some of LG's posts and retorts, I am very sad and disappointed that LG is not for real. :(


Wow, Jackie seems especially put out by the whole thing.

We may have to put her on suicide watch for a while.

Jackie, I know you are angry that Libertarian Girl betrayed you, but you can do much better than her anyway! You go girl! She be thinking she's all that, but it's her loss!


I would also like to re-iterate that there are still two unanswered questions about this whole thing:

1. Who, exactly, was browsing through the Russian mail-order bride catalog and noticed a picture of Libertarian Girl?

2. What, exactly, was Libertarian Girl herself doing browsing through the Russian mail-order bride catalog in order to find the picture in the first place?

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