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February 03, 2005



And a good thing we are otherwise we would be in the general population attempting to do things like dance or have a conversation.

Here's a Hint

He's right, though. IT needs to be driven with the knowledge that it is not generating profit. It supports the billable/profitable employees.

This is somewhat harder to gage with government IT agencies, since there are no profits involved. The gov't provides a service, and IT departments therein should be geared towards providing the best service or saving the most taxpayer dollars.

Paul Snively

It's funny how often, as a software developer in any given shop, I'm the one arguing for inexpensive/free/open-source solutions, and it's the middle managers who are thoroughly seduced by the vendors, waxing rhapsodic after going to trade shows and being wined and dined in luxurious private suites. Question to prospective customer: does it never occur to you to ask how they can afford the shindigs? Then again, I'm the one most likely to start talking about Bayes-Nash Equilibria and local maxima and minima in casual conversation, too. It can be very helpful having a background both in IT and economics.

The stereotype of the asocial geek is looking a little shopworn, LG. I suggest you get some new material.

Old Blind Dog

You've been mentioned here as well.


Actually, Heres a Hint, I made that same point on CEObloggers blog


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