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February 13, 2005



Ya think?


when are you going to be taking votes, LG? we're all eager to hear who's the winner of the russian mail-order bride sweepstakes.


Shiite, beeyatch.

Sean Lynch

I'll marry you, Viktoriya. You don't even have to pretend you're a libertarian any more... well, except in bed.

Scott Scheule

Ah, libertarian gal, dear heart, we had some fun, but alas, the truth has come out.



Somehow I don’t think LG is a Russian mail order bride, though maybe he/she stole the picture from a Russian mail bride site. On the other hand, maybe the Russian mail order bride site stole the picture from LG.

The US and Britain have reminded the Shiites that they refused to co-operate with the British in the 1920s and so Britain put the Sunnis in charge of Iraq. This time the Shiites have co-operated, knowing that they are 60% of the population and in a one person, one vote election they will control Iraq.

Most people expect that the Shiite religious parties, that all together have around 52% of the seats counting some of the fringe parties, to start pushing for Shariah (Islamic) law. The Kurds with 26% of the seats are opposed to Shariah law, as are Allawi’s party with about 13 of the seats. The Kurds would probably accept a compromise where each province could decide whether they want to adopt Shariah law. This would allow the Kurds to adopt civil law, while most of the rest of Iraq adopted Shariah law.

Unfortunately, having invaded Iraq in the name of democracy, there is little that the US can do, if the Iraqi people vote for Shariah law, even though Shariah law is one of the main aims of al-Qaeda and similar Islamic fundamentalist terrorist organizations.

charley hardman

mikeca, please direct us to the place from which the 4 pictures (not "picture") at the mail-order bride site were "stolen". we'll give you the first one as a freebie. now explain the other 3. hell, explain just one of the other ones and i'll be impressed.

i guess LG is on the toilet right now, or off catching up on "her" government work. her absence wouldn't have anything to do with figuring out what to say, would it? bwahhhaha!


Hey, did it ever occur to youse guys that a Russian mail order bride is misrepresenting herself as a right-wing blogger?

It could happen.

Scott Scheule

Yes, but it is likely, considering that Victoriya's language skills are:

English: Level 3, Understands basic written text with help of dictionary, needs complex letters translated.



The Shiites have been oppressed since Sadam and his Baathist party took control of Iraq in the 1970s. They are the ones who have been murdered raped and tortured for the last 30 years. They are the ones who do believe in democracy. That is why they are going along with the elections.

Only a fuckin idiot leftist would cry and bemoan the fact that the Suni's didnt have a large turn out. Listen up bitch. The Baathist party is made up entirely of Sunii's. The Kurds and the Shiites turned out big for the election.. THEY WERE THE OPPRESSED MAJORITY!!

Since you are so cynical about the election results, I am SURE you would question the fact that very few whites voted in post-aparthied South Africa or very few Nazis voted in post-WW2 Germany.

Quit your Bush hating, and wake up. Its ok to be wrong.

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