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February 01, 2005


David Foster

I've actually been surprised at how rigid some of the libertarians commenting here are...that they apparently believe there is only one approved set of views that constitutes libertarianism. It's the kind of thing one would expect more among hard-core Marxists or extreme religious fanatics.

Maybe it's because libertarians generally believe that their beliefs are derivable from pure deductive reasoning, and that hence and deviation is a sign of mental or moral failing.....



To be fair I don't think you would have caught so much hell except for the fact that by calling yourself Libertarian Girl one would expect a cut and dried libertarian. If your blog had some other name (like "Pretty Chick Who Will Stab You") and you simply described yourself as leaning towards libertarian views, it might have been an entirely different response.

To put it another way if I called my blog MexiMuslim I would be sure to catch hell every time I posted about drinking beer and picking up hoochies as those don't come to mind as being very Islamic activities.


I guess if you are trying to "influence" people with your blog then obsessing over your Sitemeter statistics is understandable.

I am not trying to influence anyone. I just write what pleases me and if they come, they come.

For the record, I have about 20 repeat readers, with the rest linking to me from posts I put on other blogs or from links I have had included in stories on three or four blogs like The Moderate Voice. I also get those "next blog" visits which are not "quality" but still have the potential of turning into regular readers.

Oh, and Mexigogue is right on! If you name yourself after an ideology, then you better stick very close to that ideology.


It's for your own good, Libertarian Girl.

Truth be told: I was once a libertarian myself.

Eventually, however, I was swayed from the Dark Side, and it is now my duty to help sway others.

And I don't think the Republicans actually are closer to libertarianism, BTW. Massive corporate welfare, plus the extraordinary disregard for personal liberty and privacy that is found in the Patriot Act, would seem to me to actually move the R's further away from libertarianism than the D's.

You have, however, convinced me to open up my site meter stats.

New Anarchist Man

Truth be told, most people I have encountered are quite convinced that this entire blog is all part of some elaborate joke. As many of your statements are so at odds with libertarian principles.


Hey, I just discovered something cool about sitemeter. You can set it up so that it ignores your own visits to your own site.

Maybe everyone knew that already, but for my fellow retarded people, this info might be useful.


There is a good essay by Anthony Gregory ,as to why Libertarians should not compromise their principles, even in the effort to "... [have] an actual chance of converting people and even winning some elections."

Trading principles for victory gets you neither


LG, I understand why you use a meter and look at the statistics. Understanding the audience, and to some extent tailoring some entries to that audience makes sense. If this was a business, you would want repeaters - otherwise why blog at all? And you can also steer away from subjects that get a lot of hits from random searchers, but offer little except bots crawling to collect email addresses to spam or attack. You could pander to the meter readings by titling a few posts with popular search words and see the visits skyrocket. But don't do it! There is some stuff out there that says the regular readers become very protective and insular against newcomers butting in on one of their "home" blogs, even to attacking the person running it. Hope those types won't get you down. I come here to read and have enjoyed pretty much all your entries. If I don't know about it, or don't like it, *Gosh* I can just skip that one! Another interesting one will be up shortly.

As an audience of one, sitting in my own corner, I come back for the entertainment value, interesting posts, and some views just slightly different than my own but well enough thought out we could have great conversation in person or over dinner. At the same time, driving each other nuts wondering how anyone could believe THAT. A very good time!

Truth be told, if you spewed the standard libertarian line this would get old fast. As for the micro-examiners, well, good that they have the time to do a detailed exam. But you have a point, they will never link every libertarian leaning person into a single group by squelching all non-toe-the-line views. Not to mention no converts and driving off potential converts who cannot accept their religious fervor for a particular brand of libertarianism. Whew, talk about the worst of group-think. How dull at a party.

If I have to have a complaint, just to join the "cool kids" who comment here, okay, here it is: I wish LG would post more often! Her infrequent posting throughout the day makes me have to surf other sites for content to fill up my day! I think LG should post hourly to satisfy my audience needs. Anyone else?

DC Carter

Quite an Algonquin Table you got going here. Yeesh, lighten up people...

LG - All good points, I'm in full agreement (U'Oh, I guess that means I'm not a real libertarian either).

Outlaw3 - I agree.

Adam Lawson

I've posted in your comments, and on my blog, before about the stupid whinery of the Libertarians. On the blogs without sitemeter: If you don't care if someone is reading your blog, you're full of crap. Either you're justifying your low traffic -- becausey ou don't care -- or you're high enough in traffic that you don't need to count.

I think Acidman said something like, "If no one reads your blog, it's called a diary." He had a post not long ago about sitemeter, too, I believe.

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