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February 15, 2005



Go ahead, it's what he did.


Given our capacity for the suspension of disbelief.... Id say you have a GOOD chance keeping this alive. You have a problem though: I would be prepared to bet that a small number of your existing readers will be prepared to out you again if the discussion gets too intense. Still I reckon that is a minor irritation.


I see Glenn Reynolds mentioned you and I suppose I should say congrats about that, but as envious as I am of the coming Instalanche my overwhelming feeling is how sad it must be to get attention for everything BUT good writing or insightful analysis or something productive anyway.

And, I don't care if you put back on your girl suit or not, this has gotten boring.

Downtown Lad

Who cares. Your posts were good! We need MORE libertarian bloggers.


Right on dude. You've got a good thing going.

As for not getting attention the "right" way -- I don't know ... there are so many websites out there, you've got to do something to break through the clutter. Television advertisers know this; no matter how good your product or commercial is, if it doesn't do something to draw attention to itself no one will ever notice it.

Incidentally, my site is apparently piggybacking on your "Instalanche" because my hits have gone way, way up over the last couple days. So I am like your parasite.


Oh no, into the memory hole it goes.

Hijk Selur

Just make sure you don't get your new, um, body from an online porn site. Libertarian bloggers spend a lot of time there, too.


"My only hope is that the buzz generated will sustain the blog, but the pessisimst in me tells me that a hot female libertarian creates a lot more buzz than a clever hoax revealed."

I suspect you're right, but for what it's worth I ignored your blog for as long as I thought it was written by a ditzy blonde who only got attention for her picture. Now that I know you're really a clever prankster I've blogrolled you and subscribed to your RSS feed.

Ron Chusid

As your main concern appears to be a desire to maximize attention for the blog, this should at least fulfill your goals short term. If word of your scam gets out, you might even see an increase in hits as people come to see what new picture you come up with.


I'm with Jacob. You once posted to my blog (I assume this was part of your marketing strategy to get attention), and I followed it back to find this one. Eh. Pretty girl has a blog. Big deal. So I moved on.

But now that I've read the "outing" and your response to it, I'm far more inclined to read you. Because it's kind of funny. And because you seem to be a rather clever satirist who leaves people guessing where the satire ends. That's good stuff.

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