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February 14, 2005



I think this might make less sense than the previous post on this subject.


This post really doesn’t make any sense.

Conservatives tend to believe the bible is the literal word of god. Liberals tend to believe that the bible represents a good moral foundation for life, but believe that men wrote the bible.

You might just as well say that conservatives have a gullibility gene that causes them to continue to believe in superstitions in spite of the evidence to the contrary.


miceca, you have that all wrong. You're trying to make a religious statement about political views. That is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS are the ones who view the bible as the literal word of god. CATHOLICS, for example, believe that the Bible is INSPIRED by God, but written by Man.

It has nothing to do with conservative or liberal views.


Ah, but Fundamentalist Christians are suppose to be very conservative politically, while Catholics are more liberal politically.

All I am saying is that the gullibility gene that allows Fundamentalist Christians to believe the bible is the literal word of god, also allows them to believe what Rush Limbaugh says.

That makes about as much sense as the guilt gene

Cosmic X

You may not have noticed, but Orthodox Jews tend to be quite conservative.


I can only hope that this is a "tongue-in-cheek" post because it is either that or a "lack of brain in head" entry.


I am not sure about the guilt gene theory; but I do think that a lot of Europe's meatheads came to America. That's why the Europeans are so "sophisticated," and why America wins the most medals in the Olympics. And all of France's meatheads went to Canada to play hockey. There don't seem to be very many individualists in Europe.


Catholic conservative here. Or conservative Catholic, whichever the case may be.

Catholics in the blue states tend to be more liberal but Catholics in the red states tend to be more conservative.

I always found liberals to be the gullible ones -- they actually think you can make friends by "buying the world a coke."

And, the face may have changed, but the posts remain the -- sadly -- the same.


For one thing, the appropriation of Arab resources brings forth the slaughter of thousands of children by Air Force cluster bombs. It is quite remarkable that Donald Rumsfeld's worldview represents the crushing of internal dissent in order to propagate the flagrant lies promulgated by the political donor class. So far, the American state, with its unelected president, venal Supreme Court, silent Congress, gutted Bill of Rights and compliant media leads our attention to the resurgence of White Supremacist ideologies. This suggests that a minority of warmongers and apologists represents the repudiation of international law in order to bring about an oil war masquerading as an endless crusade against "terrorism."

Luboš Motl

After your previous posting about the subject, I wanted to write an answer. It would have been similar to your present answer, but less good than yours.

Guilt - that's the right word that explains these phenomena and differences.

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