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March 22, 2005



People get upset with anything that intereferes with their privilege.

That is the best thing you've ever written that I've read. How about a post about (angry or otherwise) white men? (Is that subject no longer en vogue?)


intereferes [sic]

Except the typo. (Hit the "post" button before I noticed it.)


Marilyn Monroe and Kate Moss both had/have a 0.7 waist:hip ratio. Studies have found that there is a universal, cross-cultural preference for women with a 0.7 waist:hip ratio. Studies have also found that women with this waist:hip ratio have the most children.


hmmm...it's so sweet of you to take the time out to single me out and do a post about my purported "illogical arguments." you are quite the charmer.


and anonymously at that too. you're welcome to insult me with a face attached via email.

T'K Chong

There is a classic and controversial article, "Is Love Colorblind?", written by Steve Sailer, which attempts to use sciences and statistics to explain the inequality in interracial dating. The paper uses Body Fat Percentage Differential to define muscularity and explain the gender gaps.


The paper was written in 1997. Unfortunately, almost ten years later, it is still relevant to today's situation.

T'K Chong

Here is a clickable link to Steve Sailer's article:

Is Love Colorblind: While interracial marriage is increasingly accepted by whites, a surprising number of Asian men and black women are bitterly opposed. Why?


Karen, LOVED the note about People get upset with anything that interferes with their privilege.

If Libertarian Man/Former Girl is white, then all the more power to him for saying that. This guy might have something to say about that too.

I'm compiling a list of some "angry ...{fill in the race or color or phenotype}". It's pretty hilarious what's out there on the Web.

My boyfriend came home and told me about a couple they found doing the dirty act in the sauna at the gym where he works. They were: a very large butch-looking blonde woman and a short Asian looking round guy. The workers at the gym found her sitting on top of him, and my bf winced when he saw the two of them walking out of the gym. We all had our theories about that!!

I'm not even going to argue about Asian women having more or less body fat--if we have more, I just want to know why it hasn't gone to the boobs? Where is it hiding, then? ? I'm just saying...something must be wrong with me...all the weight has gone to my bones, because I look skinny and weigh far too much.


ahhh I see. All the weight has gone to my bum, and in some Asian women, the body fat has actually floated up to the breasts, luckily for them, and the rest are just fat, unmotivated, stereotypical women who depend on their successful, introverted (more traditional) husbands for a living. Too bad for the rest of you exotic exported girls. You're just floating through life, on body fat and a reliable husband.

That's a theory, and I accept it as such...

T'K Chong

Hm. Is there a point to all the circuitous ramblings of Wendy's last two messages?

Mr. Steve Sailer's paper on the subject is focused on a clear topic and is backed by logically sound arguments, carefully researched figures and statistics, and a very scientifically probable explanation.

On the other hand, Wendy's arguments are loaded with sentiments and irrelevant sarcasm. I think Wendy was somehow trying to discredit Mr. Sailer's research, but she just kept rambling aimlessly, beating around the bushes and couldn't seem to offer any valid, reasonable grounds to support her argument, if there was even one.

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