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March 07, 2005


Now we're talking! Middle Eastern women are so fucking hot! Check out some Israeli, Lebanese, Egyptian, Moroccan women and you see what the men there are trying to hide underneath those veils. Morocco and Israel even have nude beaches. Long legs, flowing black hair, big olive skinned titties, 'don't you wish you could fuck me all night long' dark eyes.

FUCK em with them veils on!

Get yore cum all over them!


mr spanker

yep gotta keep the robe/veil on them.
but hike the robe up just a bit over they gorgeous big ass.
let it lay right on the small of the back & place the Quran right on there.
ride that bitches ass!
And then spill a thick load of Christian American cum all over that Quran!

now we all know that a man gotta take a wizz after he busts a nut?
well let it rip! shoot that piss all over that fucking Quran of Moe's & all over the robes of that nasty Arab slut!


don't forget to clean your dick off with her veil.
and leave her smiling.


yeh! fuck her good!


and never forget to fuck your two sticks cross and your fucking myth ! who the hell died and went up to sky and came back !!! i would like to fuck your nanies and lovely monks with the cross lying between their boobs , well among all i like to cum between their boobs over their cross!!

afterwards put some jelly on her golden cross and bang it deep inside her rectum to let the one on the cross feel the real taste of a nany and let him enjoy speaking to the shit!!!

Osti just what the fuck are you any ways?


Now go run out & stage a protest & perhaps kill a few dozen of yourselves. Better yet go hijack a plane & crash it into a huge skyscraper of a major Western city thereby killing thousands of innocent people over some dumb shit being said over the internet by some troll!

Anyways? Thats right boys tear that fucking lame ass book of bad history, skewed theology & total war written by the boytoy of some old biatch Arab bedouin widow MUHAMMAD! Ram those shredded pieces up the asses of these fools mothers & daughters I dont care how old the lil bitches are either!
Then lets take these raghead beardy fools & lop off there dicks & make em transexuals by giving em lotsa female hormones & skull fuck the shit out of em

mr spanker

never mind this faggot.
this is exactly what we boys need to deal with.
kill em all & let God (by the way Allah means God so don't disrespect the name of Allah it ain't right) sort these morons out!

How come you bedsheet wearing ragheads have such cute fuckable women?
Too bad the American military ain't allowing G.I.'s & entrepeneurs to turn Iraq onto some bars/strip joints/whorehouses
I'd love to go on over there & turn out a good dozen little sweet innocent Muslima teenies & set em up pleasuring big American cock!
Hey Osti? How would you like seeing your sister Fatima taking a big black cock in her tight halal pussy & a big redneck Marine one right don her throat?
Then have her look at you with a smile & tell you she loves American Dick! American way of life! and then tells ya to get the fuck out & take your stupid fucked up bastardization of Christianity/Judaism of a religion & that pedophile prophet Mohammed with you?

Got my dick out right now all hard thinking about making your mom & sis & that cousin of yours tht the family is going to force her to marry you! Fucking the shit out of em Biatch! Watch your little brown weewee getting hard watching me ravage your family whores in training!
Bitch if your skinny lil curly headed big nosed ass was here I'd force you to suck this hardon motherfucker!
A faggy bitch like you aint nothin but a wannabe woman anyways!
So suck it Osti! think of me fucking your mom up the ass while she gags on big black cock of my boy's!
Take that you little bitch!
Now clean it off with Sura 19 from the Oh-So-Holey-Quran!!


You tell the freak Mr. Spanker.

mr spanker

Damn skippy!

After I fuck the shit outta this Osti motherfucker's bitches in his family
I'm gonna put a wig on this fucks head & stocking & garter belts on him
I'm gonna grease my big fat cock with pig grease & make bitch outta him!
Fuck him up the ass so hard he'll need a diaper!

Michael Jackson

Oh no !

don't make it 'sexual'

its not sexual

its beautiful !

give a Lebanese child some milk & cookies ...

read em a Quran story at bedtime .

mmmm ...

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