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March 14, 2005



I agree, that was uncalled for. We're here to debate ideas.

I think the blog got more attention when you were LG partially because you said some... well, things I really, really, really disagreed with. And a lot of other people disagreed with, too.

Erm... I'm going to write a blog entry today about boobs. I'll let you know if I get a spike in traffic. (Granted, there's no hot picture of me posted on my blog... So people might not be as interested in my boobs as LG's boobs. I'll let you know, anyhow.)


Man, if only I could piss someone off--I just don't have enough readers ;-)

Also, I don't find you any more or less interesting since your identity crisis...but I'm not trolling for babes.

Scott Scheule

On the other hand, the more people who call you a fucking idiot, the thicker your skin will become.

New Anarchist Man

That chick wasn't even very hot.


Absolutely -- the girl from the picture was only of mild attractiveness. What it looked like to me was that a more or less average looking girl went to Glamour Shots. This is why I didn't find the Libertarian Girl thing that hard to believe; I didn't think there was this insanely hot chick spending all her time blogging; I thought there was an OK-looking chick spending all of her time blogging. This is not unusual at all.

What's weird is that the other pictures of that girl make her look much hotter.

It did occur to me that that might not be Libertarian Girl's picture -- though I assumed that even if it wasn't, she was still really a girl -- mostly because it didn't make a lot of sense to me that someone who was blogging anonymously would put their picture on their blog, where someone they knew was sure to see it.

Libertarian M of M was insanely good at writing as a girl. But apparently being a girl for a few months had a lasting effect on him, seeing as he is now complaining about getting his feelings hurt by people who call him names -- a very womanly thing to do.


I was tired when I wrote that, but more to the point, I was not debating, or attempting to debate you. I was merely commenting on the logical power of your speculation that 20% of asian women prefer white IT workers.

It is, after all, a comments section.


Okay, 24 hours after I blogged (extensively) about my breasts:

- Sitemeter says my average hits a day are 111, and

- Foo Counters says in the past 24 hours, I've received 90 hits.

It would appear that reading about my boobs is a turn OFF. I don't have the standard deviation so I can't tell you for sure if this is statistically significant.

Maybe I'll stick to blogging anecdotes about my dog's poop.

Libertarian Man of Mystery

I disagree with those who say that Libertarian Girl wasn't hot. She was very hot. That's why I chose the photo.

But, all libertarians are idiots.

The insertion of "fucking" is simply a colloquial adornment, which detracts not at all from the fact that libertarians are nitwits.


Isn't it interesting how NOTHING attracts more attention than a HOT BLONDE? The people have spoken.

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