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March 22, 2005



I would think it's easier to make more money with a longer life than buy a longer life with more money.

I chose life.

Tom Hanna

It's most likely a function of what you enjoy - can you have more of whatever you enjoy by having a longer life or by having more money. If the things you enjoy are relatively cheap but time intensive then a longer life would be more important. If the things you enjoy are expensive and fleeting, then a longer life just means more time without the things you enjoy.


Well, I think as time goes on, the length of life issue is becoming less and less important. People already live twice as long as they did in 1900, and recently the BBC interviewed some scientists who claim that anyone under 60, assuming they don't die in an accident, will live to a thousand.

You'd need a lot of money if you're going to live that long.

Games are for Children


This is a random comment. I just remembered, after reading your blog, reading about auras a long time ago when I was interested in that sort of thing. I read that the colors people favor or wear usually reflect the colors of their aura. Also, wearing darker colors can negatively affect your aura and wearing brighter colors can bring more life to your aura. The author's explanation for why women live longer than men is that women usually wear brighter, more life-enhancing, aura-enhancing colors while men usually wear drab, dark colors that can muddy up the aura. If so, then according to that author, the culture which tells us what colors are more appropriate and 'masculine' on a man are killing a man faster!

Can't remember the author, can't quote her, but it's a fun little piece of trivia that intrigued me.


Whither Libertarian Man of Mystery?


Hi, I just randomly happened on your site.

You have a lot of random topics, but I have to say I agree with everything I've read that you've said.
Maybe I'll go eat some bread, by the lake bed.

Seriously though, your stuff about asian women was dead-on. I'm saying this as an Asian man.

Keep up the good work. Speak the truth, no matter how much doofuses refuse to accept it.


2 in a row. I'm also a random guy (albeit not Asian) who just happened upon your site. Plans for today were cancelled so I decided to test out Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.

Nice blog, I don't have much to say about it but well done. I would choose to live longer, myself. No real reasoning for it, but I would rather be gauranteed a long life from the get-go and earn my money than be gauranteed to be rich.

-Bored High School student from New York

Downtown Lad

Yeah - it's unfair that women live longer. There oughta be a law!


I think it's more of an equal pay for equal work issue. ;) I'm not so sure we can legislate biology. Think of child birth, and call it more than fair!


Women should shut up and go dust something.
Repeal the 19th amendment and maybe we can save the country.
Women are socialists by nature. Natural born Democrats - always looking for a handout.
But women are survivors. When the BIG one hits, only three things will be left alive - cockroaches, rats and women.
Now, one of you women out there, go make me a sandwich.

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