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March 22, 2005



I would choose being rich. I think it doesn't matter how long you live but how you live.

I read about your "outing" as a man and i think you are exactly right especially with the thought that most women in "high" positions owe a lot of their success to their looks or simply to being a woman at all. The really sad part is that they don't realize that and actually think they are great professionals.

One look around themselves would show them that almost no ugly women are in prominent positions. And those who might be are almost always there because no man or attractive woman wanted the post at that time. And if they want to keep their job they HAVE to change their looks. (see the new fill-up-cause nobody-wanted-the post-turned-chancellor-candidate Angela Merkel in germany)


Heh. Spend a day working as a nurse, waitress or teacher. If hard work or frustration could kill you, women would all be dead in their 40s. Men probably die earlier because its so damn hard to get them to go to the doctor, IMHO.

Elliot Essman

The tradeoff of money for longevity is only relevant if based on a broad statistical sample. There are many women who work themselves to at least ill health for the sake of a buck. Also, the argument doesn't take into consideration those who come by money fluidly, through chance, or even through smarts.


Well, I would have had a different answer before my heart attack at 32.

Security, which is what money translates into on some levels, is important on a 'quality of life level' Then again, I have a brother in a persistent vegetative state, truely a fate worse than death. So if by money versus longevity, you mean quality of live, I'll take a shorter higher quality life. If you just mean money as the hollow, unfullfilling thing a a Barbie Duplex and Barbie Volvo for your offspring, I guess I'd take the life part, keep the money...


A long life! I don't mind a little less money. I am scared of dying!!


A long life! I don't mind a little less money. I am scared of dying!!


Na! I would prefer more money unless that longer life means a longer and more youthful life. Turns out that if you live ten more years working a 40 hour work week compared to working yourself to death at 55 hours per week, you'd probably end up with more wealth anyway. But if I was severely handicapped for those ten years, I don't know how a longer life can be better than money.


Life and its experiences are over-rated, death is the great equalizer, since everything you gained - your memories and experiences, are lost, and humans by their very nature are constantly have a never ending thirst for experiences they love. So either way we live lives of perpetual want, and as long as death exists, it's sting is felt more by those who had everything and wanted to keep it then those that had nothing, the more positive attachments you have to the world, the more difficult it is to leave it.


well. i have to say throu out all history females have always out lived the males. mostly because they raised the children and needed to. and most males went out and fought the wars hunted for the food. and pretty much worked them selfs to death. the females. didnt work as hard physicly and didnt wear down their bodies. but if things keep up as they are now with the females out working just like the men in a few hundred years u will see both females and males will live just as long. posible. i dont know for sure.

Thomas L. Vaultonburg

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