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March 09, 2005



I am a black man but, I prefer Asian, Black, White and Latin women. However, I am not going to sink to the level to say that I only date within my race because I don't see any thing wrong with women of other race or Asian women who like white men. Unfortunately, I do see a lot of Asian women who prefer White. My view is that many of the Asian woman identitfied with white ameracan and unlike balck women want to be apart of the untold shistory of white men and their way of dealing with women this country.


I thought this was bout Russian chix ?!?

I wanna here bout commie pussy & azz !!!

Fuck dem azn slope chinky dinks !!!

LMAO !!!


Agreed, who even cares what these Asian Dairy Queens ramble on and on about their pathetic "Napolean Dynamite" fetishes? LOSERS deserve each other!

You wanna talk about REAL women? YES, RUSSIAN CHICKS ARE HOT!!!!

Seriously, is there even ANY comparison here???

Natalie Glebova who described Canada as "a land of equal opportunities, tolerance to differences and a beautiful mosaic of cultures."

White-Male Supremacist Amy Tan - de-facto member of the KKK?

I'm sorry, but looks, personality, attitude - these are no-brainers, folks! Let the losers breed and create their own sub-race of racist fugly losers! Let the alpha winners seek their own level and rise together!


Russian brides are a lot HOTTER than asian brides.. for some reason, Russian women on those M.O.B sites almost always look like super models!!!

Russian MOBs should be for colored men! Not white men.

Asian MOBs are almost exclusively for white men.


why are there so many white-asian couples? who pursued who in the first place? i think asians should just date asians and keep the gene pool going :).

.... though children who are mixed white and asian ARE pretty.....



You mentioned you grew up in a predominately white environment. So how can you make judgement about Asian males wheh you have not even dated them ? This is ridiculous. I will say the majority of Asian men, especiall the ones who were born or have been in this country for a long time, are open minded and very supportive of their wives' independence. Wake up and smell the coffee !

Russian Woman

Russian women always were considered very beautiful and clever. On them a great demand.

Russian Woman

Russian women always were considered very beautiful and clever. On them a great demand.


Most Eastern Euro women --and Russian women in particular are gold digging, mercenary sluts. That is one of the reasons why so many Eastern European women are in the porn and skin business.

People don't listen to tech he's just some lonely idiot who wants attention from girl or so called slut he says.

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