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March 16, 2005


jimmy dean

Black people have been on this earth for 4 million years and whites less than 10 thousand.Whites are a genetic mutation from black people(DO your scientific research)Thats why two dark skin black person can make a white child (albino)but two white people have nor can ever make a black person.Yes white people are our(black people)birth defects (race of albinos).


A dark black woman is mostly too black for the average black man, also to black for the average white man, you would have to be a light skin black woman, a biracial black woman, or just plain white woman, for both black and white man. The vast majority of time this is true. I not saying all the time, just most of time this is what you see, A dark skin black woman is not something a black man, or white man would want to take home to ma ma,

Both back man, and white man, do not want to have dark skin black children, they think that havlng children by someone with lighter skin, or white skin would make more beautiful children. you see all of what i am saying has been ignored!!! but it is really true, that is why when you see black intelligent and famous black man who make lots money seem to never date or marry a dark black woman, and doesn't matter how beautiful she may be, that just the way it is! In movies have you ever notice who black man star is always going with, or are married to, or in bed with, it is a light skinned black woman or a white woman, a leading black woman in movies are almost every time light skinned!! dark skin black woman is not that much appreciated by black men or white men..


Many dark skinned black woman wants to be appreciated by their black men also, this is why there are so much jealousy among dark skinned black women and the light skinned black woman.
Also most of time for black man, a black woman must have long hair, short hair black woman most of time is not appreciated by black man, or white men!!

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