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March 16, 2005


sort of black

i agree. asian women are small, sometimes. but it seems to me that white women are getting frustrated with the growing numbers of white men with asian females. some white men dont approach black women because of fear of rejecition.


You really like betting. We'll see. Fat tissue is fat tissue and we're all mostly living on the same diet in America. I have seen my own share of Asian-American women with large breasts.

Lux Tromhorn

It's the same all over people. We have that here with the Aborigines. I was married to a half-Aborigine many years ago and I agree with Dan Schneider's assessment. My wife was college educated, but most black-white marriages here are black male-white female too, and from lower incomes.


You really like betting

Offering a bet is a way of proving a negative.


man, you keep digging yourself into a deeper hole with these posts. but i guess you can't make everyone happy all the time.

i'm an asian female and i have no idea whether white women are upset about the asian girl/white guy dating. it's quite common these days and none of my white girlfriends ever said anything about it.

i think it's just a matter of preference. majority of the guys i've dated post college have been white but it doesn't mean that i only exclusively want to date white guys. it just happens to have become a preference now.
and as far as asian women having no breasts of curves, i think that's false b/c several of the asian women i know have them.

and what's with the generalization that asian women go for successful men while white women don't. trust me, *ALL* women are generally attracted to successful/responsible men (whatever field it might be in). Only maybe women who like drama might desire otherwise.


About 99% of black women are not attractive to me. I think the same can be said for most non-black men.


NO self-respecting, beautiful, Black woman dates a white man. Only self-hating sellouts.


In 2005, people like who they like. These stereotypes are nothing more than what a person percieve a race is or is not. One does not have to make generalizations and comparisons to validate their likes and dislikes. It is a personal choice. So can you really give an opinion on this based on stereotypes? You don't have to date the fat ones? You don't have to date the skinny ones? You like who you like. And no one can date outside of their race, and make generalizations on that whole race? Isn't that an oxymoron?


And for the person who stated "No self-respecting black women would date a white man". That is your opinion, and bigotry not mine. Because someone said most African-Americans are interracially mixed. I have a history of white heritage, that started back in the 1920's, some of us is classified as white, some classified as black. That is what this racial caste system says we have to do. But I date who I want. You prefer I deny my white relatives? We are a family? and by the way, Irish people were brought to America, to be indigenous slaves and were suppose to be returned to Ireland after a period of servitude. Never happened. And after slavery they had signs in stores and factories that stated: No negros, jews or catholics need apply (Irish, Italians, Polish etc....). So they worked as coal miners, and railroads. So really? I not going to deny them or our family heritage because of your views. I say speak for yourself, not me or others. That is your choice. You want your rights and choices respected. Then start by respecting others. And not feeling you can speak for all black women.


Hey there is only one race the human race. But I'm the color you would call white and I do like women of color. But hey its all pink inside. And there's only one race.


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