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March 16, 2005



If you don't stop calling me names i swear i will put my big huge black cock in your tight asshole without the use of ky jelly and after i am done you will probably need surgery.I'm warning you.Stop your stories of you having a big cock it is just a story you tell people.

Asian Stud

Shut the FUCK up you retarded NIGGER before I transport your slave-ass back to the HELL you came from, a hell-hole called Africa. Satan and his minions live in Nigeria, and Satan uses little niggers, like yourself, as his bitch boys. Fucking niggers are the scum of this otherwise beautiful earth.


What the fuck did i tell your tiny dicked ass stop the name calling.I wiil fly to hawaii and rape the fuck out of your stinky asshole i will blow a huge amount of semen in your ass you wil need a blood transfusion.

Asian Stud

Shit, after I RAPE YOUR ASS, you're going to be dead, NIGGER-BITCH! And click on my pic you stupid fucking nigger and see my monster cock!

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My dick is as big as the great wall of china.When i go to bed tonight i will jack off and think about your dung hole sitting on my monsterous schlong.FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME.Would you give me a blow job.I would suck your dick if you let me.

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Asian Stud

What-the-fuckevers, Libertarian NIGGER of Mystery. I'm getting tired of talking to the same NIGGER here.

I realized afterwards that a reply I posted may have seemed to be about you, Libertarian, because of the way it was written and because your picture is below where the replies are written. It was not directed towards you if you are not racist. Racist types really are disgusting in appearance and ways. There is a difference in appearance and ways in those and other whites who are not racist. For example, there is more hatred in the south than in the North. It has to do with ancestry, etc. Anyway, please leave the post and as it is, but only tell that it's about the disgust ("person")that I was replying to based on those facts that are also obvious. They really do look and act retarded, etc. and are stupid. Please just say that it was not about you or non racist whites and please don't alter or say anything about the rest of the post because even though they are insults, they are in defense. Posted on 3-24 about liking white guys.

I happened to read what you said about black women, and how you think they look better when they have white in them, but yet a black man used to being around black women would say the opposite. Whatever, as long as you aren't insulting by saying things that are unnessary, then I don't have a big problem with you. By the way, many white women have surgery to slant their eyes and make their lips fuller (a more common Asian feature although their eyes really aren't slanted underneath) and many Asian women have surgery to make their eyes more like whites. So why not just call it even. About body fat, more Asians are thin and more whites are fat, but both skinny models with few curves and full women are considered attractive. Why not just be friends instead of enemies.

I don't mean to be rude, but because I don't know how you will respond and I don't want to get angry, I will not read your reply, please just accept my apology.
Thanks, take care.

I tried to send this to you as an e-mail, but it failed, so I posted it here, just put it in the right place if you want.

I didn't want to read anything by accident in the subject area where I last posted, so that's why I'm posting here, but since you reply to some, you should still see it.


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